Naked Sundae
Freshly whipped ice cream, with your choice of Raspberry, Chocolate or Toffee Sauce
£ 3.95
Lemon Meringue Sundae
Chunks of Meringue and Zesty Lemon Sauce
£ 4.95
Chocolate Brownie Sundae
Warm Chocolate Brownie topped with Chocolate Sauce
£ 4.95
Forest Fruit Sundae
Mixed Forest Fruit in Sweet Berry Sauce
£ 4.95
Eton Mess Sundae
Fresh Strawberries & Strawberry Sauce, broken Meringue pieces and Fresh Cream
£ 4.95
Chocolate Honeycomb Sundae
Chocolate Honeycomb layered with Chocolate Sauce
£ 4.95
Forest Fruit Pavlova
Crisp meringue nest, ice cream and fresh cream, topped with fruit berries and fruit sauce
£ 4.20
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Moist chocolate sponge cake, layered with rich chocolate fudge icing, served with cream or ice cream
£ 4.20
Homemade Apple and Cinnamon Crumble
Served hot with cream or ice cream
£ 4.25
Summer pudding
Traditional English pudding with sweetened berries and strawberries served with double cream
Creme Brulee
Vanilla flavoured set custard, topped with caramelised sugar
£ 4.95
Hot Cinnamon Waffle
Hot Cinnamon waffle, with ice cream and chocolate sauce
£ 4.20
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
Finished with raspberry coulis and ice cream or whipped cream
£ 4.95
Oreo Stack
Double layers of Brownie, white chocolate cheesecake, which chocolate mouse & handcut chunks of Oreo, with ice cream or whipped cream
£ 4.95
Panna Cotta
Italian dessert made with double cream and topped with cooked sugared strawberries
£ 4.45
Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack
Chocolate, sponge, peanuts and toffee, all bound together in a delicious stack, served with ice cream or whipped cream
£ 4.95
Cheese and Biscuits
A selection of British and continental cheeses
£ 5.95
Hot Treacle Sponge
Traditional treacle sponge served warm with custart
£ 4.20
Fresh Fruit Platter
Fresh fruits with raspberry coulis and fresh yogurt
£ 4.95
Homemade Chocolate Orange Bread & Butter Pudding
Served hot with lashings of vanilla custard
£ 4.75