Traditional Fish and Chips
Freshly Battered Cod Fillet, served with Mushy Peas

Standard Cod
£ 9.25
Large Cod
£ 11.25
Substitute fish for battered or grilled Halloumi cheese
£ 9.25
Cod & Smoked Salmon Wellington
Prime fillet of Cod, bound with Smoked Salmon, wrapped in golden puff pastry & oven baked. Served with Creamy Mash Potato, crisp Brocolli & White Onions, finished with white sauce
£ 12.50
Fillet of Cod
Beautiful fillet of Cod, served on Mashed Potatoes with Creamed Leeks, Tiger Prawns and topped with Puff Pastry
£ 12.50
Fresh Sea Bass
Two Sea Bass fillets, grilled and dressed with Herb Infused Oil, served with Vegetables and Sautéed Potatoes
£ 13.95
Breaded Scampi
Breaded Wholetail Scampi served with Chips, Mixed Salad Garnish and Peas
£ 9.25
Home Made Beef & Beer Pie
Tender cuts of Beef cooked in local Cask Ale and served in a Traditional Short Crust Pastry Case with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
£ 10.45
Mediterranean Chicken
Fresh Chicken Breast, stuffed with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil, wrapped in Back Bacon, oven roasted then served on Sautéed Potatoes, with Rustic Tomatoe Sauce and crisp Broccoli
£ 10.95
Twice Roast Belly of Pork
Slow cooked Belly, served on a bed of Apple Sautéed Potatoes and Green Cabbage with Meat Gravy
£ 11.95
Indian Style Tandoori Chicken Salad
With cool Mint Yogurt, crisp fresh Salad and Bombay Potatoes
£ 10.45
Varinder's Chicken & Mango Curry
A Creamy Chicken & Mango Curry, medium spiced, created especially for The Nevill Arms by Varinder Singh, served with Savoury Rice and a Poppadom Salad Basket
£ 11.45
Lamb & Mint Skewers
Ground Lamb, marinated in Oregano, Olive Oil & Garlic, Char Grilled and served with a Greek Style Salad, Herb Sautéed Potatoes and Homemade Tzatziki & Pitta Bread
£ 10.95
Smoked Cajun Chicken Pasta
Slices of Smoked Chicken Breast, mixed with Cajun Spices, Red Onions and Mixed Peppers, on Penne Pasta, finished with a dash of Cream & and Garlic Bread
£ 9.95
Handmade Faggots
Beautiful Black Country Faggotts on Creamy Mashed Potato with Meaty Gravy
£ 9.45
Green Thai Mixed Seafood Curry
Prime cuts of fresh Seafood & Shellfish infused in a Thai Curry Sauce, with Sticky Coconut Rice & Prawn Crackers
£ 10.95
Chicken, Leak & Ham Pie
Diced chicken, Leeks and Ham, all bound in a White Wine Sauce, served in a Short Crust Pastry Case, with Mashed Potatoes & Fresh Vegetables
£ 9.95
Chinese Duck Noodles
Slices of Roast Duck and Shredded Vegetables stir fried with Egg Noodles & Hois Sin Sauce, served in Chineses Style with Prawn Toast & Crackers
£ 11.95
Char Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto
Italian Rice, infused with Mushrooms, White Wine, Garlic & Lemon topped with Char Grilled Chicken Breast & Fresh Parmesan (vegetarian option available
£ 10.95
16oz Lamb Shank
Slowly cooked and flavoured with Mint and Rosemary, served on Mashed Potatoes with Rich Red Wine Gravy & Fresh Vegetables
£ 14.95
Large Rack of Home Cured Pork Ribs
Marinated with Smokey Hickory, oven roasted then finished of the Char Grill, with Steakhouse Chips
£ 14.45
Grilled Fillet of Fresh Salmon Salad
Served with Crisp Fresh Salad and Warm Buttered New Potatoes
£ 11.95
Feel free to swap your Salmon Fillet for a Char Grilled Chicken Breast
£ 10.95