Fire and Ice Oysters with Lemon and Tabasco
£ 7.95
Half pint of prawns
with brown bread & butter, lemon wedges and a bloody Mary dipping sauce
£ 5.95
Welsh rarebit with tomato and bacon
the classic beer and cheese savoury topped with grilled bacon and tomatoes
£ 4.95
Smoked salmon on potato pancake
a Potato and Spring Onion Pancake served with Highland Smoked Salmon finished with Sour Cream and Chives
£ 6.50
Warm Rustic poached pear & blue cheese
with pecan nuts, Salad Garnish ad Balsamic Glaze
£ 5.95


Fillet of pork loin
served with savoury rice and a rich mushroom and mustard sauce
£ 11.55
Liver and onions
sauteed Calves liver with Bacon and Fried Onions served on Crushed Parsley Potatoes with a Rich Red Wine and port Sauce
£ 11.35
Chicken Schnitzel
Crispy Bacon Crumbled Chicken Fillet served on a Bed of spaghetti with a Oyster Mushroom Sauce
£ 10.95
Fillet Beef Rossini
French style steak served with a pate on a rosti Potato with a Rich Madeira Sauce and Wilted Spinach
£ 19.95


Cod loin
wrapped in prosciutto with a lemon caper sauce, crushed parsley potatoes and wilted spinach
£ 12.95
Seafood Pie
poached flakes of smoked haddock and salmon, bound in a rich cream sauce with prawns and chives, baked with a potato crust
£ 11.75
Hanging Kebab
Tandoori cod and tiger prawns with sweet peppers served with vegetable fried rice and mint yogurt dip
£ 13.35
Mediterranean Tuna
char grilled Tuna steak served upon a rich Spanish style tomato and vegetable casserole dressed with crumbled feta cheese
£ 13.95


Barley Risotto
with roasted vegetables and garlic bread
£ 9.95
Baked Open Spring roll
stir fried vegetables, with egg noodles, sweet hot chilli sauce and spring onions
£ 9.95