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Are you looking for a software partner with over 30 years experience to help you develop an application or idea then you have come to right place.

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Over  the past 30 years technology has changed dramatically.  Our mission is to keep up to date, in order for us to pass the benefits  onto our clients. by looking at the relationship between technologies :-

- Mobility,
- Voice,
- AI and AR
- Cloud.
- Data & Security

Where do we help?

Our clients are companies that are looking to become more efficient or solve a problem. Our job is to help them find the right technology and solution, whilst  keeping within budget contraints. We take our vast experience to deliver the best user experience & user interface.

What do we do?

Our approach is simple, we work with the client to scope out the true nature of the requirements, Then we provide the design criteria from which a solution can be built. Finally we work along side the client to define the work packages and assist in the procurement and development, making sure at all times the original objectives are the target..

The Service

Our clients can engage us for the full life cycle of the project or just to deliver the design..

Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Development

Rugged Devices

Windows Mobile & Window CE

Our Active Studio product has been around in excess of 10 years, it makes the development of apps simple for rugged devices. This desktop based design tool has a WYSIWYG interface and powerful scripting language. Typically used on warehouse and retail systems the product has allowed us to develop apps. Our clients have used the Active Studio to develop solutions themselves. 

Tablets & Phones

iOS & Android

We have developed mobiles solutions  in industries like Health Care and Field Service. After many years of development we understand the power of a good user experience and the ability for the app to function when there is no connection.


The majority of our solutions make use of web technology where we are developing portals for cloud based service. However thanks to products like NodeJS and Phonegap we are able to take a single development and deploy to the cloud, desktop and tablet without changing the code.

A typical cloud solution provides a modular approach, where the client can control what users have access to and an api system so that mobile apps can interact securely with the system. 

Software Products

Just some of the software products we have created


Modern EPOS system

Full point of sale system with cloud based portal


Electroics Forms System

Remove the paperwork with this easy to use mobile forms system. Designed for any industry Formation can save yuo time and money.


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